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Corinne Holt

Hi Ninja, My name is Corinne. 

I am your coach and ultimate hype woman, dedicated to seeing you smash the goals you set for yourself. 


I believe that when you dedicate yourself to building strength and skills in new areas and realize just what your body is capable of, you take this BOSS-level energy with you into the rest of your life. Not only do you learn really cool things and get fit but you know you can walk into any room with confidence and power because of what you have created in the training room.


This is what the path of athlete and performer has given me and why I am so passionate and excited about showing you how to have this within yourself. 

I have been dancing since I was 3 years old and even from that young age wanted to become the best I possibly could be, challenging myself to reach my potential, I trained and taught at prestigious dance academies and achieved my dreams of becoming an elite dancer performed in movies, music videos, award shows, tv shows, commercials, stadiums, arenas, theatres and hit up the battle scenes all over the world.

From there I went on to train with the best of the best to hone my skills even more, challenging my limits

and seeing just what my body is capable of I

become a stunt woman working in Hollywood

films like Marvel and —

This type of career has not only allowed me

to become an expert in the physical and

performing arts but has also allowed me to develop a strong mindset and the knowledge and wisdom of what it takes to succeed. I have come to realize that training paired with learning is at the forefront of this success


I've always sought professional coaching and trained with the best worldwide for Calisthenics, Mixed Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Athletic Performance, Body Building & Injury Rehabilitation.  

I continue to grow physically and mentally, in performance and knowledge. I am here to share my knowledge, excitement, drive, and commitment and help you unlock your ninja skills and true potential.

Coach, Performer, Dancer, Gymnast, Martial Arts, Stunt Woman.


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