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1.5 hour Pre Recorded Live Masterclass with me PLUS a Written Program to follow and keep a track of your training progress. 


In this masterclass we will be honing in on the exact drills that you need to repeat over and over again to get you press to handstand! IT can be done!


You’ll be getting a bespoke program live with me and in written format PLUS some bonus drills you’ll see at the bottom of the written program!


When I tell you the excitement and fun you have reaching this move and where it can take your handstands its definitely worth achieving!


The Strength drills we will cover in your home/ gardens but I will also equip you with exercises you can do in your gyms to further your strength development.


Compressions drills! now, this will not only be strength but a lot of flexibility will for sure help us on our way to performing this move! The more compressed you are the easier it will become! We will be squeezing our way to tightness and therefore lightness in the end once you master your compression.


We will compartmentalise the press to handstand in this section repeat and drill moves and how to create sets ups depending where you are with the move so far and where your level is at!


You need to put time, effort and 100 percent consistency otherwise it will never come!

Press To Handstand Masterclass

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