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Side Kick Program 


This program includes new, exciting drills to increase your strength and flexibility. 

Your kicks will be stronger, higher, cleaner, and stable ready for any performance or fight.


Everyone, from beginners to advanced can benefit from this program

We will be focusing on improving the aesthetics of your martial arts kicks through mobility, flexibility, and strength.


For the best results, it is recommended to complete this training 3/4x per week

To help you stick to the program an Accountability Tracking Sheet is included in your pack!


Let's get kicking ðŸš€


Equipment needed:

  • Light/yellow resistance band
  • 2x Blocks
  • Slider
  • Timer


Training Notes:

If you can’t attach a resistance band to an anchor, you can attach it to your opposite foot & ankle instead. 

All central exercises can be done assisted if required.

A hand can be placed on a wall/table/chair etc.


Side Kick Program - Mobility Training

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