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3 x Handstand Intensive Classes - 1 hour each 

1. Head to toe strength

2. Alignment & shapes

3. Shoulders & bends


Get head to toe strength, pushing the limits of our rep range, holds and nailing our fundamental basics needed for every handstand balance. Together we will push passed mental barriers with what our bodies are capable of achieving upside down in any shape.


3 x 180 Kick Intensive Classes - 1 hour each

1. Front kick

2. Side & round kick

3. Back kick


Get the ultimate flexibility and strength drills specific to each kick and work the technical structure of the kick to have it looking razor sharp and deadly in height and speed!


3 x  Walkover Intensive Classes -  1 hour each

1. Movement patterns & flow

2. Flexible & strong

3. Mechanics & technical skills


get to grips with this fun basic gymnastic move that everyone can achieve in any setting, home or gym. Understanding when your body feels safe to try and move on to further progressions, and how to get creative in your training environment.


  • Plus FREE Bonus 30 min Full Body Stretch 

Ninja Skills Intensive

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