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Butterfly Kick Training Program


Get your Butterfly kick looking and feeling its best! 

In this program, you will find new, explosive drills that will help you to increase strength and speed throughout the full trick.


Everyone, from beginners to advanced can greatly benefit from what you will learn here

We will be focussing on improving the dynamic power and look of your trick.

So 1, you can finally nail them!

And 2, they will look explosive, strong, and clean. 


Get ready for your tricks to look super impressive!


Along with incredible drills, your program pack includes an Accountability Tracking Sheet to help you stay on track and get the results you desire


For the best results, I highly recommend completing the training 3/4 x per week


Equipment needed:

A solid higher level - Box/ Step

You can use a Chair/ Table etc....

Butterfly Kick Program - Power Training

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