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Online Training Camp

Don’t lose your strength and skills over Christmas,
Give yourself the gift of being proud of your body



For a skills-specific training camp

18th - 29th December 7am GMT


Handstand Specific

DAY 1. Head to toe strength

DAY 2. Alignment & shapes

DAY 3. Shoulders & bends

180 Kick Specific 

DAY 4. Front kick

DAY 5. Side & round kick

DAY 6. Back kick


Walkover Specific 

DAY 7. Movement patterns & flow

DAY 8. Flexible & strong

DAY 9. Mechanics & technical skills


DAY 10. Xmas Day FREE Stretch Session

  • Gain new levels of strength 

  • Increase all over flexibility 

  • Learn & upgrade fun skills

  • Impress your loved ones with new abilities

  • Keep fit and healthy over Christmas


with Coach Corinne


Deeper dive into what you will learn.


From beginners to advanced for all days and training!

We safely cover HANDSTAND specifics - head to toe strength, pushing the limits of our rep range, holds and nailing our fundamental basics needed for every handstand balance. Together we will push passed mental barriers with what our bodies are capable of achieving upside down in any shape.


180 KICK specifics - get the ultimate flexibility and strength drills specific to each kick each day and work the technical structure of the kick to have it looking razor sharp and deadly ;) in height and speed!


WALKOVER specifics  get to grips with this fun basic gymnastic move that everyone can achieve in any setting, home or gym. Understanding when your body feels safe to try and move on to further progressions, and how creative you can get using what’s available in your training environment.


Bonus day 30 min stretch

All welcome but totally Not mandatory.

It will still be recorded for you to do another day.

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102 x Online Class bundle worth £204

Handstands - Splits - Bridge 



All of this for only


Secure your spot now





10 day online training camp

Handstand Specific Training

180 Kick Specific Training

Walkover Specific Training

Special Stretching Session

X-MAS Gift worth £204

Hear from my clients



"I am a professional dancer at the beginning of this year to start training for tricks. It was something I always wanted to do for years but had no idea how to get there.

Meeting Corinne has shone the light and paved a way forward with her knowledge and expertise on how to achieve those movement goals.

Sadly, I became quite seriously injured recently, (doing something completely different) so those plans have been put on hold, as has a lot of the dance performance work I had lined up.


One thing that has kept me going, kept me focused, positive and feeling strong in all the other areas of my body has been continuing to attend Corinne's Ninja squad with 3x classes per week membership. Corinne spoke some powerful words that allowed me to reframe how I saw being injured and even made me believe I can still make gains in other areas.


Now these classes are my main form of conditioning and moving at the moment and I'm starting to see and feel the benefits. I still feel like a dancer, even though I'm not dancing (you dancers will know what I mean), and I can feel how coming out the other side of this injury I'm going to be able to do some mad skills and be a better dancer for it! The structure and regularity of the classes is a lifeline for me at this time. Yes they are early, but it is so worth it!


The sense of achievement and knowing you've done something that has essentially invested in your future goals by 8am allows you to boss any day!

Thank you Corinne, the work you are doing is amazing!"


"Since training with Corinne I literally can see and feel the difference in my body.
Corinne has really helped me push beyond what I think I can do, installing a good work ethic to practice and work on myself regularly.
She has been very supported and encouraged me to grow, always offering advice on ways to improve on exercises and techniques.
She’s an amazing and motivating coach who will guide you every step of the way".


"When I first discovered Corinne and her work I was instantly amazed.
Her work ethic and drive would be inspiring to anyone I know and her skills and knowledge are very advanced beyond amazing.
I love how she teaches because it’s not just set in stone ‘this is what you do’- she tailors everything to each individual and that’s why she is the best at what she does.
I Highly recommend training with Corinne.
Especially if you want to work towards becoming an all round ninja".
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