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I’m a multi skilled, experienced Performer and Coach. Eagerly awaiting to take you to the next level. Continuously training and skill developing myself, I transfer into training others. The same fire and determination to succeed will exude in you too. With always innovating ways to help you reach your goals. Loving every step of the way with body, mind and soul, transforming your wellbeing, physique and skills.

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Zoe Mills

When I first discovered Corinne and her work I was instantly amazed. Her work ethic and drive would be inspiring to anyone I know and her skills and knowledge are very advanced beyond amazing. I love how she teaches because it’s not just set in stone ‘this is what you do’- she tailors everything to each individual and that’s why she is the best at what she does. Highly recommend training with Corinne. Especially if you wanna work towards becoming an all round ninja.

Jackie Kibuka

Since training with Corinne I literally can see and feel the difference in my body. Corinne has really helped me push beyond what I think I can do, installing a good work ethic to practice and work on myself regularly. She has been very supported and encouraged me to grow, always offering advice on ways to improve on exercises and techniques. She’s an amazing and motivating coach who will guide you every step of the way.

Naomi Colette

“I have LOVED being able to explore mobility and flexibility again. Corinne’s programme has allowed me to stay consistent with my training and also share with those on the same journey in the community she is building.

Corinne is so knowledgeable and has made me feel so supported during this programme.

If you’re thinking about working with her - do it! You’ll see amazing results if you put the work in and you won’t regret it!”

Sophie Harding 

As a physiotherapist I’ve known for ages that I need to work on my mobility due to a lifetime of being RIDICULOUSLY inflexible. Most recently in particular because of this I have been experiencing some nerve symptoms in my arms that had been affecting my sleep due to my shoulder tightness. However, I had never consistently worked on improving this.... until recently. Since I have been doing Corinne’s programmes (for just over one month) I have not only been able to do a bridge (something I haven’t done since childhood)... but I’m no longer having issues with my shoulders at night! These programmes are seriously for everyone, even mega beginners like me and I could not recommend them enough... your body will thank you for it!

Kennedy Harris

Corinne is the most positive, humble, inspiring coach. In classes she gives 1million% to each person and pushes everyone to their individual limit. Working with her 1-1 has giving me so many things I can implement and work on in my own time! I can feel a massive difference in my body strength and flexibility after only working with her for a short time!

Liberty Rose 

Ah Corinne! I cannot tell you how life changing its been working with you I finally feel like im taking steps to be who I want to be, unapologetically. And you having the faith that I can achieve my goals has been the biggest confidence boost ever so thank you!

Angelika Napierala

I have been looking for someone like Corinne all my life, hah!

Great knowledge, great skill set, great motivation and such an incredible dedication to improving YOU!

I could not have asked for a better coach that understands what dancer's body needs and how to best achieve it.

Throughout the dancers' mobility programme I have gained tools and pushed my shoulder ranges as well as gained strength. 

I have found myself in positions I would not have pushed myself to, if not for a coach like Corinne that was there for all of us throughout the whole process. 

She won't sugar coat anything, she keeps it real and inspiring, which is exactly what I love in a good coach!

Cannot recommend working with Corinne enough. You will see results very rapidly and your mindset will thank you for all that later!

Thank you Corinne! 

Eduard Scholz

Corinne, just wanted send a big offline *thank you* for dropping so much online knowledge with your online classes. The carryover from the movements you teach is incredible and even though one might not train other movements, the progress is still there thanks to complexity of the exercises and classes not being the same at all. It’s always something new you surprise me with and the energy that goes with it is sick. Keep up the great great work.

Georgia Curtis

What can I say about Corinne Holt! Well, within 2 weeks of her Backbend and shoulder programme I was miles further and felt more flexible than I have been in months. The specific warm up techniques she uses create impressive progress fast! When I I learn from Corinne I always feel safe and sure and that I am in good and capable hands. Corinne has made sure she knows the foundations of all she teaches and then gone even further to be able to teach really well and most importantly correctly. I highly recommend her programmes and classes.




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